Monty's Mobile Home Renovation Project.

On my companion website Mobile Home Doctor I caution visitors to think long and hard before they begin the complete renovation of an old mobile home.  My experience has been that it is easy to spend a LOT of money and in the end you still have an old mobile home. 

However, that is not always true as Monty's case demonstrates.  In his own words, this is what makes it worth it for  him.

Monty's explanation for why this home is worth fixing.

My thoughts on the cost are pretty simple. If I take into account the cost for a complete demolition and haul away of the trailer, then the cost of a newer one that would be in almost "like new" condition (as mine will be when I'm done), plus the cost of transporting it and set-up, costs could easily reach $20-30,000. I should mention the existing home has a very large (two room) built on.
Renovating the one I have will come out somewhat cheaper. I'm rough estimating about $10-15,000 from start to finish. Obviously that's way more than the home will ever be worth, so it's an instant loss. However, if it's re-built right and one of my daughters could live there for a few years, well:

Cost of the trailer and land: $8,000
Cost of renovation $12,000
Having the grandkids living right next door...Priceless!

Another positive side to renovating is the experience my wife is gaining in the construction arena. Since we are building our own house, I am using the renovation to introduce her to various power tools and how to safely use them. I'm teaching her the basic structural components, what their names are and what they do. She certainly won't know everything before construction on the house begins, but she will be able to measure and cut pieces, use the various air nailers and saws, etc...etc. When I ask for a speed square, she won't hand me a framing square, that sort of thing.

So, all in all, it's a good investment for the purpose it will serve.